“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we will ever do.” 

~Brene Brown”

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Everyone struggles from time to time.  I’ll bet you’re no stranger to hard things.  You’re not afraid of a challenge.  As a matter of fact, you may have grown and overcome obstacles.  You even know that you aren’t perfect; certainly not invincible.

But still, you’re struggling, frustrated, emotional or stuck.  There may even be a voice inside that says: You should be able to figure this out.  You should know what to do.  You should be handling this better.

Ready for the good news?  I’ve been there, and so have many people like you. Chances are, you’ve never done THIS particular challenge before.  So why do you expect yourself to just KNOW what to do and DO it?

If you can relate, its time for fresh perspective.  As an experienced nurse and insightful counselor, (and one who is no stranger to struggle), I understand how life can become overwhelming.  My desire is to provide a safe, objective and trusting relationship that helps you figure out what you just can’t see.


Counseling Services in Conway Arkansas

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Counseling offers support and guidance to help navigate the storm when life bombards us.  All of our life experiences play a part in how we handle challenges.  Its hard to cope with the fear of uncertainty, especially when we feel stuck.  

Along with my formal and clinical training, I bring a life full of experiences. I view myself as a fellow companion on the journey to health in body, mind and spirit.   I would love to help you clarify why you’re struggling, and help you find the courage and bravery to overcome.


Relationship and personal counseling

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Therapy is both thought provoking and interactive as we uncover practical methods for change. My approach is to focus on strengths, and treatment is tailored to your specific needs, situations, relationship dynamics and comfort level. I primarily utilize cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which simply put, focuses on what we think and how it influences our feelings and behaviors. The good news is that our brain can be trained to believe what we tell it to; sometimes we just need help getting that process started.

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public speaker

At conferences, retreats and training events, I am available to speak on a variety of personal and public health issues. Speaking topics range from personality types to self-care and wellness, spiritual gifts, diabetes education, and more.


“I’m really grateful for Jennifer.  I think she’s a badass! Such gentle strength.”

~ Anonymous Client

“I heard Jennifer speak at the Spark Retreat and I have literally shared my notes from that retreat with everyone I can think of…from my girlfriends locally to ones around the country! Thank you for imparting wisdom and perspective about fear.  It’s so needed.”

~ Shaneil Ealy, Associate Vice President of the Division of Outreach and Engagement, UCA

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